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Shipping terms

Shipping World Wide - Terms and Conditions

Delivery conditions

  • If the ordered items are in stock, delivery from MISAB will usually take place within 2-4 business days after we have received the order.
  • Valid for weekdays.


  • Shipping conditions are Ex Works.
  • MISAB charges a shipping fee to send packages and letters to you.
  • You will receive information about costs from MISAB with the order confirmation.
  • We will give you the best alternative depending on the weight and volume of the products as well as the destination.
  • If some item is not in stock MISAB will send you an email.


You will find information on the website www.misab.se about if the products are in stock or not.


Please see translation:

Finns i lager – In stock

Tillfälligt slut – Temporarily out of stock

Beställningsvara – Be ordered specially

Inte i lager, men på väg – Not in stock, but on the way


All orders are packed in order by date and time, when the order received to MISAB. When ordering by email to info@misab.se, you will receive a confirmation with prepayment details from us. We reserve ourselves against the fact that delays in delivery, for various reasons, may occur.


All prices are in Euro currency.



  • MISAB cooperates with Post Nord. More detailed information about the shipping terms can be found on their website www.postnord.se.


Letter International

  • Delivery times for parcel International are different for different countries. 


Parcel International

Parcels can be send to individuals and companies throughout Europe and worldwide. Delivery time in Europe is about 5 to 10 working days. With reservation for final sales and large order inflows. Used in most shipment from 3kg up to 30kg. Price varies depending on weight and country. Traceable.



  • Items sent with tracking can be requested. Send an e-mail to info@misab.se for tracking numbers. Then look at www.posten.se or for information about the delivery.


Error in delivery


You are missing products

  • If one or more products are missing in your delivery and it is listed, please contact us by email info@misab.se. Enter customer number, order / invoice number and our article number of the missing products.


You have received incorrect products

  • In case of one or more products being sent instead of the ordered products.
  • If this has happened, please contact us by email info@misab.se.
  • Enter customer number, order / invoice number.
  • Enter the article number of the product you are missing and what products you received instead of the ordered product.

Please note that we will not refund any shipping cost if you choose to return items by yourself without contacting MISAB.


Transportation responsibility


  • Post Nord has a shipping responsibility for the shipment sent with them.
  • In case of loss or damage, contact Post Nord.
  • If you send goods in return to us, you are responsible for the goods.
  • Unfortunately, MISAB can not take responsibility for the delivery time or delivery security of our freight carrier.